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Just like humans, a dog’s mind must be kept active to be healthy and happy. Regular daytime activity provides mental stimulation through territorial investigation. Along with the emotional benefits, there are physical benefits. A good walk is the best way to exercise a dog that may not move about much in your home or even in your yard. Aging pets must be kept as agile and fit as possible but may not be inclined for exercise without encouragement. Eldery dogs and some medications may cause the dog the need to relieve itself more often.

The work week can quickly become busy and stressful, which could easily affect your dog’s routine or exercise needs. A dog’s natural behaviour is to chew, dig, bark, and jump, especially when feeling bored, lonely, or not having an outlet for its energy. Making sure your dog gets plenty of exercise is one of the best ways to prevent behaviour problems. At least two walks daily help prevent elimination problems. destructiveness, separation anxiety and other common behaviour disorders.

Private walks in your own neighbourhood and tailored to your pet’s preferences. Can also provide backyard bathroom break and play time if your dog is elderly or arthritic.

For those times you need to be away or when additional pet care assistance is needed. KW walkies can provide short and long-term pet care, mid-day breaks, help with housebreaking your new pup plus basic puppy manners.

You will be surprised how easy and convenient it will be to have in your home care for your pets, and how relaxed your pets will be. My Checklist ensures that your home is secure, and your pets are safe and comfortable. Ideal for the frequent business traveller who needs service on short notice.

Care is provided for cats, dogs, birds and other pets.

Your pet receives T.L.C. in their home environment thereby contributing to their safety and well-being, and to your peace of mind. Each pet is unique and will be treated with care and special attention.

Extra services available upon request.

KW walkies will come once or twice a day to feed your puppy, let him or her out and have a good play. It’s ideal in promoting good behaviour and a happy dog at an early age.

A young pup can suffer from two things - separation anxiety and a small bladder. The visits ease both issues. By providing a regular, reliable schedule for your puppies, they are better prepared to be effectively house/crate-trained and are less likely to display the typical symptoms of separation anxiety (destructive/unhealthy chewing or excessive barking/yelping).

Because of the sensitive nature of puppies and the 3-4 month period before they have all of their immunizations, your pup will stay within the confines of your backyard or within a prescribed area agreed upon by you before beginning the visits. This lasts until the puppy matches an age where he or she has had sufficient immunization.

Each visit lasts a minimum of a half hour. Idealy two visits a day when they are very young. A morning visit and an afternoon visit is best to reduce the length of time a young dog has to go without relieving him or herself, and the time they have to spend alone.

Your pet is very important to you and your family but because of busy schedules you can’t always be there for them. So for the times when you are unable to take them for a walk, give them that extra play time, or just keep them company let Karen at KW Walkies do the dog walking and pet sitting for you.

Karen’s motto of loving care when you’re not there; is more than just words. She believes that all animals deserve compassion and love ... and after visits from her your pet will let you know she means it!

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