Dog Walking and Pet Sitting Services

Serving Kitchener Waterloo

 Frequently Asked Questions

How do I arrange for services?
Before we begin services, KW walkies always conducts a free consultation. This get acquainted interview takes approximately 30 minutes. A comprehensive form regarding your pet’s temperment and any likes and dislikes, household information, and any special instructions that you may have will be left with you to fill out. Feel free to interview me as well.

What services do you provide?

Private Dog Walking: Good for mid-day breaks or if you're working late. Your dog will have individual attention and the walk will be tailored to your pet’s preferences. If your dog is elderly and prefers to putter in the backyard over a walk, I will engage them with affection, play time and waste clean-up.

How many times will you walk my dog?
You decide how often you’d like me to visit.

Puppy Visits: Single or twice daily visits. Ideal for house or crate training your puppy. Basic puppy manners training provided during each visit.

Pet Sitting: Long or short term. Multiple or single daily visits depending on your pet type and their needs. Your pet will be safe and secure in their home while you are away. Loving care and affection provided with every visit.

What about exotic pets? Most pets will be accepted. The exception being any pet that eats live food. Please call to ask.