“Karen has been walking me since I came home at 9 wks old. She really does more than just walk me, she’s mom #2. She knows exactly what I need, whether it be a long walk or just some cuddles when its too wet or cold. Mom and I call her karebear, because she is so caring and willing to do whatever she can to help us out. I wasn’t always a good pup and Karen nicknamed me Taz because of it. She and mom helped each other and I'm now a much better boy. People think its funny when they see us walking down the street because I weigh more than she does and can lick her face without having her bend down, but she has control over me. I don’t get away with much and that’s how mom likes it. I’m always in training, but Karen makes it fun and lets me slobber on her:) Im treated like her own, and I look forward to our visits together and while moms at work, she doesn’t need to worry about me. I'm so happy we found her and have her in our lives!.”
- Bentley

“Hello everyone! I’m one of Karen’s many friends. Karen comes to visit me when my mommy and daddy have long days at work. We go for walks all over my neighborhood and when we get back home I pick out a toy and she plays with me. Karen loves hearing the stories I tell her and I love hearing about her day on our walks. She even lets me give her kisses to show how much I enjoy our time together! I give Karen 2 paws up, she's the greatest!”
- Remi

“I’ve watched Karen work with animals for years. She truely treats your pets as her own, and they love her for it. When my dog sees Karen coming she gets that happy doggy grin and twirls with excitment.”
- Cynthia Cake

“Hi, My name is Zoe. I live with my owner Judy who has to work in the evening sometimes. That means I would be home alone all evening, which makes me scared. My mommy contacted Karen to come and visit me so I wouldn't be so lonely. Karen takes me for a nice walk, then she feeds me and we snuggle on the couch. I feel much better and safer when Karen comes. I know that after she leaves I can have a nap and it won’t be long until mommy comes home again! Karen is Zoe approved!”
- Zoe

Knowing Karren would come and see us when our human family had other places to be, kept our world happy, our bellies full, and out tails wagging.

“Our dogs are very important to our family, and on the occasions when we were unable to take them with us when we had to be out of town, Karen /KW Walkies made our lives so much easier. It is wonderful to be able to leave the dogs at home where they are familiar and comfortable, and to know that they will receive the attentive and loving care Karen gives them in our absence. Karen is very reliable, competent, conscientious, and professional. When we get back, Karen is fabulous to tell us what the girls have been up to, and which girl did what. Knowing Karen is coming to care for our dogs when we can't makes a huge difference in our world. Our family is so thankful to have KW Walkies as a resource available to us, and it certainly has made a huge difference to us this year! We have tried a few other dog care services before we found Karen, and we think we kept the best for last.”

Happy Human and Contented Canine Customers,
Lana, Zhade, Keeley, Paloma, and Chiara